Article in ChemistrySelect about BuBble bags and radicals

ChemistrySelect published our article with measurement results with our BuBble bags. We investigated the production of so-called radicals; these are chemical side-products of cavitation bubbles. We showed that the bags increased the radical production with 45% while reducing the variability with 22%, compared to a 25x smaller device that we had engineered earlier in the lab.


What we therefore achieved is this: a larger ultrasonic reactor, that is both more efficient and better reproducible. And that makes it very interest not only for cleaning but also for chemical processes involving radicals (e.g. water treatment, nanochemistry, new material synthesis).

The article can be downloaded for free (Open Access) from the ChemistrySelect website.


New ideas with the BuBble bag, of would you like to try one out? Let us know!