Cleaning Challenge Device for 3D printing

    Many industrial 3D printing techniques leave behind support material that needs to be removed during post-processing. BuBclean has developed a Cleaning Challenge Device as a benchmark for evaluating the cleaning procedure for 3D printed objects.

    Cleaning Challenge Device for 3D printing

    The Cleaning Challenge Device consists of a cylindrical base station with four holes, and four separate inserts. The inserts have a circular or square cross-section of varying diameter, which have been chosen to be both realistic and challenging for typical cleaning procedures. The distance that the inserts can be placed inside the holes is a measure of the cleaning efficacy, since any remaining dirt will prevent the inserts from sliding in completely.


    Download here the description of the model and the instructions for use (PDF).


    Model files (v1.1)

    Or download all STL files in one ZIP file (301kB).

    The model can also be found on Thingiverse.


    Model design: Thijs Zanderink