Seminar on cleaning and disinfection

    Title: ‘Technical aspects and monitoring of cleaning and sterilization processes’
    Date: November 20, 2014
    Time: 9:00u-16:30u
    Location: University of Twente campus
    Building Spiegel, room 5
    Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede

    Coffee/tea and a small lunch will be provided.


    What is this seminar about?
    The technology of cleaning and sterilisation has dramatically changed during the last 20 years. The practice of manual cleaning has been replaced by automated cleaning, e.g. with Washer-Disinfectors (WDs). At the same time the construction and the diversity of the goods, e.g. of surgical instruments and precision mechanical items, has become more complex. Cleaning and sterilization processes today are more complex and difficult than before. This development has increased the risk of malfunctions.

    For who is this seminar intended?
    The seminar is tailored to persons in health care and industry who are responsible for cleaning and/or sterilization processes, for example in sterilization departments (CSSD), operation theatres, hygienic departments, dental clinics, laundry services, research facilities, etc.

    What makes this seminar interesting?
    In this seminar we will present the latest developments in cleaning and sterilization techniques, as well as the most recent developments in ISO standards and the EU’s Medical Device Directive (MDD), and how to comply to them.


    The agenda can be found here.


    This seminar is organized in collaboration with gke and the University of Twente.


    (This event has already taken place.)