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Cleaning indicators

Cleaning indicators can be used to monitor the cleaning efficacy of ultrasonic baths, e.g. to monitor the equipment degradation or to verify each cleaning cycle. By placing the indicators horizontally or vertically, one can also obtain information about hot spots within an ultrasonic bath.

Dimensions 125×56 mm

Test sheets for ultrasonic cleaning baths

For the periodic testing of your ultrasonic bath.


4 types of  cleaning indicators sheets (available in 4 colors); 40 or 120 pieces
Directions for use (digital)
Color reference chart (digital)



Holder for positioning a cleaning indicator in an ultrasonic bath.     SPECIFICATIONS    

Material: Stainless steel
Length: 7, 20 or 40 cm


Logbook for ultrasonic bath indicators

This logbook allows for storing and documenting the cleaning indicators that have been used in an ultrasonic bath.


Capacity:120 indicators
(Need a logbook with higher capacity? Use the text area on the right.)



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