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Ultrasonic cleaning is good, but not (always) good enough. This was our thought when we started BuBclean in 2013. Using our knowledge from the University of Twente, we develop innovative products and technologies for ultrasonic cleaning, which hasn’t seen much development in over 70 years. One of our first products is the BuBble bag; you can read more about this below. More innovations are being developed, so drop by regularly on our website! Meanwhile we invite you to read our blog, with useful tips&tricks for ultrasonic cleaning. And if you have any questions, we would be happy to hear them!



BuBble bags
Innovative product for efficient ultrasonic cleaning

  • BuBble bagOur BuBble bags are a new, innovative type of container for use in ultrasonic baths.

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    • Faster cleaning
    • Less chemicals
    • No cross-contamination between cleaning jobs
    • No contamination of the ultrasonic bath
    • Multiple cleaning liquids can be used alongside each other
    • No contact damage
    • Very specific cleaning is possible