About BuBclean

    Our vision:

    “Innovate in ultrasonic cleaning”

    Ultrasonic cleaning is good, but not (always) good enough. This was our thought when we started BuBclean in 2013. Using our knowledge from the University of Twente, we develop innovative products and technologies for ultrasonic cleaning, which hasn’t seen much development in over 70 years.


    The team

    Dr. David Fernandez Rivas
    David co-founded BuBclean in 2013, and is Assistant Professor at the University of Twente.
    He investigates novel uses of ultrasonic cavitation at the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group. David is an expert on ultrasonic cavitation and its uses for sonochemistry and surface modifications.
    MSc. Lea Milovich                                       Business Partner
    With vast experience and a long track record in international business development and project management Lea is in charge of the day-to-day operations of BuBclean.
    Lea joined BuBclean as a Business Partner in 2018 and is enthusiastic about bringing novel ultrasonic cleaning technologies to the market.  
    Dr. Jorge Eduardo Parada Puig
    Business Advisor
    Jorge has 10+ years of experience in R&D, technical service innovation and project management. He advises BuBclean since 2017 on business development.


    Our innovations are supported by our scientific advisors:

    Dr. Bram Verhaagen

    Bram has co-founded BuBclean in 2013 together with David. Today Bram has a role as a scientific consultant for BuBclean.

    Prof. Michel Versluis

    Physics and Acoustics Medicine, Physics of Fluids Group, University of Twente.


    Prof. Han Gardeniers

    Mesoscale Chemical Systems Group, University of Twente


    Regarding commercial aspects, we receive guidance from several consultants including:

    Jealemy Galindo Millán
    Freelance Branding Consultant



    Would you like to join this team? Check our vacancies page!