Cavitation localizers

    Our novel ultrasonic cleaning technology gives us full control over the generation of microbubbles for cleaning purposes. This allows us to clean fast, controlled and efficiently on various surfaces. The technology is also suitable for enhancing sonochemical processes as well as surface treatment.

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    Ultrasonic cleaning is a versatile technique that is applicable for the cleaning of various contaminants from many different objects.


    Cleaning problems occur in various fields, such as medical instruments and oral healthcare, but also in the manufacturing of metal parts.

    BuBclean’s target is to clean surfaces that are

    • difficult to access with e.g. brushes
      such as corners and interiors (lumen) of objects
    • covered with strongly adhered contaminants
      such as biofilms , photoresists or metal layers
    • chemically sensitive or the use of chemicals is not desired
      such as in the presence of living tissue


    Customer benefit
    Solving these cleaning problems can help not only to clean better, but also to achieve a better standardized and reproducible cleaning. Furthermore, better use of ultrasound can help to speed up manufacturing when e.g. manual cleaning is a bottle neck, or reduce production losses due to objects damaged by manual cleaning.

    Some of the advantages of our cleaning technology include:
    Microbubbles in different liquids

    • Full spatial and temporal control over the cleaning process.
      This makes ultrasonic cleaning much more efficient than the current ultrasonic solutions. Operation time and cost can therefore be reduced.
    • Sustainable and affordable operations.
      No need for hazardous or expensive chemicals – water is sufficient. The technology also works with various liquids.
    • Reduced damage (erosion) to the surface.
      Since the ultrasound exposure time can be reduced.


    Do you have a cleaning problem that fits the above description? Please drop us a message at and we can find out if our cleaning technology is interesting for your problem.