BuBble bag vs. glass beaker – which one gives better cleaning?

Our BuBble bags enhance the formation of bubbles in an ultrasonic bath and should therefore clean better thane.g. glass or plastic beakers that people often use in ultrasonic baths. But how much better is the cleaning with BuBble bag really?

Cleaning indicators after ultrasonic cleaning in a glass beaker (left) or in a BuBble bag (right).

In order to measure that, we used so-called cleaning indicators, which visually represent the the amount of cleaning. Two identical pieces of cleaning indicator were tested, one in a 200 mL glass beaker and one in a 50 mL BuBble bag, both filled with tap water. Both have then been subjected to ultrasound by placing them at the same spot in an ultrasonic bath. Afterwards, the cleaned area has been quantified digitally.

Result: with BuBble bag, more than 8x more area was cleaned in the same time.

Improvement Factor (IF):
IF = more cleaning x less liquid
    = 8 x 4 = 32


This result is just one example and before optimisation. The exact improvement in cleaning depends strongly on your cleaning problem: the type of contamination, amount, location, parameters of your cleaning process, etc.

More information: see our page on the BuBble bags, or contact us.